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Forrest Griffin

VIDEO | Tour of the UFC's new $14M performance institute open to all UFC fighters

Russell Ess - June 21, 2017

There is no doubt that the UFC has helped evolve the sport of mixed martial arts.

UFC Headquarters
Forrest Griffin

VIDEO | Dana White and Forrest Griffin give a tour of the new UFC headquarters in Las Vegas

Tom Taylor - May 2, 2017

The UFC, as we’re so often reminded, is one of the fastest growing sports organizations in the world. And with the muscle of new owners WME-IMG now pushing it, the promotion is bound to experience even more growth – controversial as some of the new owner’s decisions have been.

Forrest Griffin shaves head
Forrest Griffin

VIDEO | Forrest Griffin shaves head after losing bet to Cody Garbrandt

bjpenndotcom - January 4, 2017

Leading up to UFC 207, UFC legend Forrest Griffin made his official prediction for the UFC 207 co-main event scrap between Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt.

Chael Sonnen
Forrest Griffin

Chael Sonnen: Why Liddell and Hughes lost their UFC jobs, but Griffin kept his

Tom Taylor - December 20, 2016

When the UFC was purchased by WME-IMG earlier this year, there followed a wave of controversial layoffs, as everyone from Tom Wright to social media specialist Shanda Maloney lost their jobs. The latest high-profile UFC employees on the chopping block were UFC Hall of Famers Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell, who were given desk jobs with the company when they hung up their gloves. Interestingly, however, fellow Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin, who was given a similar position when he retired from fighting, was not canned by the company.