TJ Brown frustrated with backlash after win over Kai Kamaka III: “I would be lying if I said the backlash didn’t bother me”

TJ Brown
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TJ Brown wants the fans to respect his and Kai Kamaka III’s fight, rather than focus on the judge’s scorecards.

At UFC Vegas 25, Brown and Kamaka III had a phenomenal fight which was a back-and-forth one. When it went to the scorecards, many thought Kamaka III won, but it was a close fight. For Brown, he knew it was close but after watching it back he truly believes he won.

“I knew I gave everything I had in that fight and fought my heart out. I was a bit nervous about the scorecards as I believe it could’ve gone either way,” Brown said to “After watching the fight back, I believe I won. But, at that moment, I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what the judges would do.”

Immediately after the result, Brown said he has been criticized for his win. However, the Arkansas native says he wants the fans to know he and Kamaka III didn’t pick the winner. Instead, he believes the two of them should be applauded for the war they had.

“I believe the fans should be more appreciated in the fight. Kai and I had a war and we put our bodies on the line for your entertainment,” Brown explained. “We put on an entertaining fight and it’s a shame I’m getting backlash because what more do you want? I would be lying if I said the backlash didn’t bother me. I did everything right in this camp and fought like a dog and lost a few brain cells. Then, to not get the credit I deserve is frustrating.”

What also frustrated TJ Brown was the fact Kamaka III’s coach, Eric Nicksick stormed out of the Octagon without shaking his hand. He’s also disappointed that they are appealing the result.

Brown says it has gotten him upset that his first UFC win, which is supposed to be a special moment, is under so much controversy.

“I was always taught that regardless of the result you shake your opponent’s hand and their coach’s hand for the fight,” Brown said. “It’s about showing respect and you see how this coach reacted by not shaking my hand and stomping out of the Octagon all mad. It doesn’t set a good example for his team. Kai, meanwhile, was super respectful. I also saw they are appealing the result, which says a lot about them.”

Ultimately, Brown is hoping to put the backlash behind him and fight again in a couple of months. He also says he wouldn’t be opposed to rematching Kamaka III.

“I want late summer or early fall. I do have my eyes on a couple of people so we will see how it plans out. I’m also not opposed to running it back with Kai,” Brown concluded.

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