Patricio Pitbull says he “would embarrass” Alex Volkanovski if they fought: “It would be a massacre”

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Image via @patriciopitbull on Instagram

Patricio Pitbull has made it known, he wants a cross-promotional fight against Alex Volkanovski.

Pitbull is the current featherweight and lightweight champion in Bellator while Volkanovski holds UFC gold at featherweight. Both men have taken shots at one another on social media, and Pitbull has called for the fight to happen. Yet, he doesn’t believe it will happen.

“My biggest desire and everyone knows this is to have a cross-promotional fight between Bellator and UFC,” Pitbull said to “That is unlikely to happen, though.”

Although Patricio Pitbull doesn’t believe a fight against Alex Volkanovski will happen, he knows how it would play out. Despite the fact the Aussie is unbeaten in the UFC and is very well-rounded, the Brazilian believes he matches up well with the champ.

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In the fight, Patricio Pitbull says he is better everywhere than Volkanovski and would finish him however he wants.

“It would be a massacre. Volkanovski is good at things, but he is not great at anything. He doesn’t have good footwork or striking, he doesn’t finish anyone, and he stalls a lot,” Pitbull said. “That won’t work with me, I will catch him and I will hurt him and finish him. The only reason why he accepted my challenge on Twitter is because he knows Dana wouldn’t do it. If we fought I would finish him, I would embarrass him.”

There is no question a fight between Pitbull and Volkanovski would be very exciting. They have similar styles and on paper, looks like a competitive fight. Yet, the Brazilian isn’t certain it would be that close, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely the fight will happen as long as both men are in Bellator and UFC, given cross-promotional fights involving the UFC just doesn’t happen.

How do you think a fight between Patricio Pitbull and Alex Volkanovski would play out?

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