Patricio Pitbull excited to “shut up” Emmanuel Sanchez and prove he’s “the best fighter on the planet”

By Cole Shelton - March 30, 2021

Patricio Pitbull knows he can’t just beat Emmanuel Sanchez in the main event of Bellator 255, but he has to finish him.

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Pitbull and Sanchez first met in 2018 with the Brazilian winning a decision. Since the fight, Sanchez has been campaigning for a rematch given he went the distance with the champ.

Now, in the semifinals of the featherweight grand prix, they will meet again, but this time around, Pitbull is confident he will get the stoppage win.

“He has been talking ever since we fought. He seems to celebrate the fact that I didn’t finish him in our first fight,” Pitbull said to “Sanchez is a good guy, but he has been talking too much and I’ll shut him up. If he wants to get finished so badly, I will give him what he wants.

“It is a personal desire of mine to not let guys stay 25 minutes with me,” Pitbull continued. “I’m the best fighter on the planet, I will show it here and I will finish him.”

If he does get the finish win over Sanchez, Patricio Pitbull will face AJ McKee in the final of the grand prix. When the tournament was made, many had hopes that would be the matchup at the end, but for Pitbull, he believes Bellator wants McKee to win, which unfortunately won’t happen.

“I think so. I believe Bellator was hoping to have me vs. McKee in the finals because that is the biggest fight. He is already there waiting,” Pitbull said. “I love Bellator but I know for a US promotion, they want a US champion. They want McKee to be the champ, but unfortunately for them, that won’t happen.”

If Pitbull beats Sanchez and McKee, he would’ve cleared out the featherweight twice. However, he still believes there are fights for him in the division, but thinks he will have to fight at lightweight after the grand prix ends.

“I will possibly be having a lightweight title fight after the tournament but Bellator has also been signing new featherweights. There will always be fights for me,” Pitbull concluded.

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