Orion and Louis Cosce confident they will both hold multiple titles in the UFC: “We will make history”

Orion and Louis Cosce
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Louis and Orion Cosce already made history being the first brothers to compete and win on the Contender Series and are looking to make more.

Both Cosce brothers were underdogs in their Contender Series fights, yet both earned stoppage wins. When Dana White announced they were both signed to the UFC it made their dreams come true.

The Cosce brothers went from home to home during a rough childhood and at times were separated from one another. So, to get past the tough childhood and make it to the UFC proves to everyone in their situation you can make your dreams come true.

“It means everything, it means we broke the cycle. We broke it a long time ago but this shows it,” Orion Cosce said to BJPENN.com. “In high school, we were saying we wanted to be fighters. People told us it was not a real career and it is just a hobby. I kept telling them they would eat crow when we make it. I’ve been telling my brother since 2017, 2020 will be our year and we will be in the UFC.”

With both Cosce brothers getting their hand raised they would like to make their debuts on the same card. They want to continue to make history and making their debuts and winning on the same card would be special.

“That would be pretty cool. We could make history again being brothers making our debuts on the same card and both winning,” Louis Cosce said on the same call to BJPENN.com. “We will fight on the same card or separate, it doesn’t matter”

Right now, both Orion and Louis Cosce are welterweights and undefeated. Yet, Louis admits he may be moving down to lightweight for his UFC debut.

“I have to talk to my manager and my coaches and see when we are going to debut. I might stick around 170 for a couple more fights,” Louis said. “155 could be an option right away depending on the fight and how everything goes at the PI.”

For Orion Cosce, he plans on clearing out the welterweight division. If he does that, he will then move up to middleweight to chase another title.

“I want to dominate the 170 division, it doesn’t matter who is there. Once I am done with the division I will go up to 185. I’ve told a lot of people that I will be a UFC champion by 2022, run it for a couple of years then move up,” Orion said. “We will make history as the first brothers in UFC to be champions. We will also make more history by being the first brothers to win multiple titles in the UFC in multiple weight classes.

“Imagine us fighting for the 155 and 170 title on the same card and both winning UFC belts on the same night,” Louis chimed in.

For the brothers, they are planning on making their UFC debuts in 2020 but won’t be calling anyone out. Instead, they believe they need to make a name before they can do that. Yet, the brothers make it clear they want the toughest fights possible from the start to prove how good they are.

“I don’t think we are in those shoes to call anyone out,” Louis said. “Maybe after a few wins we will call people out but right now it is more important to get a couple wins.

“We just want to fight anyone man and follow the rankings. We aren’t trying to be fake. I don’t want feed me fights, we don’t pick and choose our fights,” Orion concluded.

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