Jorge Masvidal is not a fan of Bisping, will “break his face” if he feels disrespected in person

Jorge Masvidal Michael Bisping

Earlier this month, headlines began to surface surrounding a small beef between streaking welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal and UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. This beef stemmed from Masvidal’s reluctance to appear on Bisping’s podcast, Believe You Me.

On Wednesday’s edition of BJ Penn Radio, Masvidal explained that this beef was a bit overblown, but that he does have a hard time respecting the middleweight champ. He also said that he’d have no problem getting physical with Bisping if he ever felt he was being disrespected in person.

“That ain’t no beef” he said. “He ain’t got no access to guns or killers or nothing like that. It’s not beef, it’s just a small quarrel with words.”

“He could be a heavyweight, I’ll never respect a dude like that,” Masvidal continued. “I get it, you want to get the big money fights – everybody does. But the way he goes about the business and stuff. He’s always said he didn’t want to fight Yoel [Romero. Before it was because of the steroid [allegations], then the whole [St-Pierre] thing came up, then I saw another comment that he’d rather fight [Robert] Whittaker than Yoel. I just think the dude is a fraud, man. And I think Dan Henderson beat his ass clearly. He should give that man his props and say ‘I got my ass whooped, thank God that fight was in England and I got the decision,’ you know? As a man and a fighter, I don’t think much of him. He has a decent skillset, but as a man, that’s not a dude I would put in the conversation of men, of fighters, of somebody who is game.” 

“Man, if that dude ever came up on me…if that dude ever disrespected me in person – and I’ve seen him disrespect people – I’ll break his face right then and there. I grew up a little different. Aint’ no man going to tell me nothing crazy. If you’re going to say something just be willing to back it up right then and there .”

What do you make of this issue between Jorge Masvidal and Michael Bisping?

This article first appeared on on 5/11/2017.

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