Jeremy Kennedy explains how he’ll spend $1M if he wins PFL playoffs

Jeremy Kennedy
Image Credit: Jeremy Kennedy on instagram

UFC veteran Jeremy Kennedy is set to make his PFL debut tonight when he takes on Luis Rafael after his initial opponent was pulled for missing weight. However, the opponent change isn’t impacting Kennedy, who is no doubt ready to fight and win all the same.

This will be Kennedy’s first time competing in a tournament format. The 26-year-old is excited about the matchmaking integrity the tournament format ensures. He can let his fighting do the talking.

“Everyone’s got a fair shake at the beginning. Everyone starts with zero points. Even these crossover guys from last season, even the champion, there’s no real foot favoritism,” Kennedy said on Radio. “It’s everyone starting fresh. It’s a brand new season and I love that about it. I just, I can’t wait.”

A big reason why Kennedy decided to join the PFL is because of the $1 million prize money. He knows how life-changing that prize could be, but understands how hard it will be to get there. With the likes of Lance Palmer, who won last year, back for another year, he knows it won’t be easy.

If he does win it all, Jeremy Kennedy already knows how he will spend the money. And it starts with investing it back into himself to prepare for season 3 of the PFL.

“I think the winner of this tournament at featherweight especially will be ranked within the world,” he said. “You don’t have to be in the UFC to be ranked, considered top-15 or whatnot. Especially with the amount of guys you’ve got to go through in this tournament. The belt itself and just staying busy [are nice], but the money is obviously a huge bonus. To me it’s not like I’m chasing the million, and I’m going to retire right after. I’m going to chase this million, win this tournament, I’m a competitive guy. I’m just going to turn that million, turn it around and invest it back into myself to win next year. Become a better fighter and have all the best needs I can fight camp-related. Just in myself, and obviously payoff a mortgage or two.”

Safe to say that Jeremy Kennedy is a man with a plan. Catch him in his first PFL bout tonight on ESPN.

This article first appeared onĀ BJPENN.COM on 5/23/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM