Grant Dawson ‘disappointed’ he’s not fighting Diego Ferreira, but plans to ‘beat up’ Ricky Glenn until he ‘quits’

Grant Dawson
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Grant Dawson was supposed to get his shot to enter the lightweight rankings back on October 2 against Diego Ferreira, but Ferreira was forced out of the fight.

After Dawson heard the news that Ferreira was out of the fight, he admits it was frustrating and disappointing. However, he made it clear to the UFC he still wanted to fight in October and he got his wish as he will face Ricky Glenn at UFC Vegas 41.

“Disappointed for sure, I understand injuries happen and he has to do what is best for his health and his family, I don’t have any ill will towards that,” Dawson said on Just Scrap Radio on “But, it was very disappointing for me because I’m in this sport to be a world champion or everything I’ve done has been a waste of my time. Getting that shot to jump to the next level to start talking about top-10 guys, top-five guys, world titles, now I’m a step back. It’s frustrating for sure, I just want to fight and now I got a fight against a tough opponent and I do believe me and Diego will fight.”

When Glenn stepped up on short notice, he said it would be hard for Dawson to prepare for him as he has only fought once since November 2018 and it lasted 37 seconds. With that, there isn’t much footage on what he has improved, but Dawson disagrees. Instead, he says the game plan will stay the same no matter who he fights.

The game plan is simple, Grant Dawson says as he plans to take Ricky Glenn down and beat him up until he quits.

“There are not a lot of guys in the division who will make me change how I fight,” Dawson said. “I’m going to get in his face, take him down, and beat him up for 15 minutes or until he gives up. He is tough, I think he’s durable but I’m better everywhere.”

Not only does Dawson think he has a style that will give a lot of people problems, but he also says his mindset is a huge factor in that. He knows he is a smart fighter, and he knows exactly what to do and when.

“I always say an aggressive fighter is dangerous, a smart fighter is dangerous but when you put them together that’s when you get a world-class fighter,” Dawson said. “I think that’s where I’m at. I’m not just an aggressive fighter, I’m a smart fighter and I know how to pressure without putting myself in danger, there is always the risk of getting knocked out. But, you have to understand, if you are going into the fight and you are relying on me getting tired or knocking me out, good luck. You have to be a better fighter than me to beat me and there aren’t a lot of them out there.”

If Grant Dawson gets his hand raised at UFC Vegas 41, the Glory MMA fighter says he hopes Diego Ferreira is next. But, if the Brazilian is booked, he wants a ranked opponent next time out.

“Diego is definitely next, it makes sense. If he’s booked, I’m down for anyone in the top-15,” Dawson concluded. “Whatever progresses my career and as long as I get to fight in December again, I’m not really super picky. Ricky has never been finished, so going into this fight, I get a finish, I get a dominant performance, it’s ranked opponents or legends from here on out.”

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