Gabe Green hoping to be active in 2021, wants Christian Aguilera after he “KO’d four of my friends”

Gabe Green
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Gabe Green is glad he finally got his hand raised.

To open up UFC 258, Green fought Phil Rowe in a battle of two promising welterweight prospects. Early on in the fight, Green used leg kicks to try and get inside of Rowe’s lengthy reach. However, as the fight wore on, the leg kicks started to hurt Rowe.

For Green, he says using calf kicks was not a plan until he saw Rowe’s leg at weigh-ins.

“We talked about using the leg kicks and at weigh-ins, I looked at them and thought they are pretty skinny I can chop them down,” Green said to “My coach said the same thing but we were confident we would win in a straight boxing match but when the kicks started to work, I wasn’t going to stop doing it. I did mess up that I didn’t let him back up, I should’ve let him stand up and kick his leg again to get the finish instead of the nervewracking decision.”

Although Green hurt and even dropped Rowe a couple of times with leg kicks, the fight was a close one. When it went to the scorecards, Green thought he had won the fight but admits he wasn’t confident but when he got his hand raised it was a massive sigh of relief.

“To have my hand raised inside the UFC Octagon was amazing. I haven’t won since 2018 when I was more active. That is all I was thinking about,” Green explained. “I was telling my coaches that I haven’t won since 2018 and he’s like ‘well you only had one fight since your last win.’ Nothing feels better than winning.”

Now, after picking up his first UFC win, Gabe Green is hoping to be active in 2021. He wants to rematch Daniel Rodriguez or fight Christian Aguilera due to their past. Yet, if a quick turnaround is not possible, Green says getting eye surgery is a very real possibility.

“I feel pretty good and I’m ready to jump in there whenever they want. But, if I’m going to be off for a bit, I’ll probably get eye surgery as my eyes are pretty bad and I have the money to get it done. I want to be active this year. No one in particular but maybe running it back with Daniel Rodriguez,” Gabe Green concluded. “Obviously, I lost to Rodriguez in my debut. But, I’d love a full camp for that because it was a fun fight. Or, Christian Aguilera. We are both from here and never fought on the regional scene. He has cornered against me and has actually knocked out like four of my friends.”

Who do you want to see Gabe Green fight next?

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