EXCLUSIVE | Mike Perry: “Stack them up and i’ll knock them down!”

Mike Perry

Mike Perry has a message for the UFC, “stack them up and I’ll knock them down!”

The surging welterweight contender Mike “Platinum” Perry has been busy preparing for his upcoming fight with Santiago Ponzinibio which takes place December 16 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The feared knockout artist, Perry, took time out of his busy schedule to join BJ Penn Radio where he discussed his upcoming opponent and what he plans to do next.

“Well, when I beat Santiago, Till is above me in the rankings, so I don’t see why we can’t do that fight. You know? He’s above me, and I don’t care if I move up one spot, two spots, three spots at a time, you know what I mean? I see that’s kind of how the business goes. I jumped up about 10 slots and got to fight Ellenberger. When I beat Ellenberger I didn’t necessarily move all the way up there (to his previous spot), but I kicked him out. What else, man, what else can I say? Then I was supposed to fight Thiago (Alves), who wasn’t necessarily a ranked opponent, but someone who had some popularity, and has a crew behind him that thinks he is a capable athlete, and could beat almost anyone on a good night for him. But then that guy didn’t show up, so we got who we got. I said I could’ve beat anybody that night in Pittsburgh. I had prepared for a legend that night. Now we’ve got Rafael Dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler on the same card, on the main event that night, and we all know that I called out Robbie Lawler. We’ll see who wins that fight, and then of course everybody wants me to smash Colby Covington now, but he can get somebody else. It doesn’t matter if they give me that fight either. I’ll take it, whatever, I’ll finish him quickly, and then move on as well. Everybody wants to see the Darren Till fight. We can make that happen too, and then the Platinum One versus ‘The Chosen One’ is definitely on the list because that belt has to come home with me, so we’re going to make that happen.”

Perry continued by adding the following:

“We don’t know Woodley is going to fight yet either. Apparently Covington because he’s number three, and he happens to be able to wrestle, so they like the style match up. Tyron could defend the wrestling, and I think Woodley’s the better boxer, so I don’t see that being necessary either. But then who else is there? They can’t make Woodley wait until I beat Till. I bet maybe Woodley gets the winner of Robbie Lawler and Rafael Dos Anjos, but Rafael’s only had four fights at well to weight. But RDA was the previous champion at lightweight, so they maybe give him extra credit for that. I want to stop him. I want that fight (with RDA). I think if Rafael is able to beat Robbie Lawler, then I think me and Rafael should fight. If not, I’ll take Darren Till, and then Rafael. Stack them up and I’ll knock them down!”

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