EXCLUSIVE | Jorge Masvidal says fighters claiming they will fight anybody have turned him down multiple times

Yesterday morning news broke that former TUF winner Kelvin Gastelum had missed weight for his scheduled UFC 205 fight with Donald Cerrone, forcing the promotion to scrap the bout entirely from tomorrow night’s historic card in New York.

Following the news, UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal took to Twitter where he offered to fight “Cowboy” on short-notice.

Unfortunately for fight fans hoping to see “Cowboy” in action at tonight’s UFC 205 event, the UFC did not take “Gamebred” up on his offer and instead rescheduled Cerrone to fight Matt Brown at next month’s UFC 206 event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Masvidal was initially scheduled to fight Gastelum earlier this month at the ‘TUF Latin America 3 Finale’ event in Mexico City. However, UFC officials opted to pull Kelvin from that contest in order to have him fight Cerrone at UFC 205 instead.

“Gamebred” spoke to Chris Taylor on today’s episode of BJPENN.com’s Rapid Fire where he vented his frustration about having multiple fights cancelled and why

“Before their fight (Cerrone vs. Gastelum) got cancelled, mine got cancelled. I mean it is one thing when you are talking about the fight. But when I signed the bout agreement and he signed the bout agreement and they are already creating small posters and putting them out there. Then the fight gets taken away from me. It’s bullshit. If that had only happened once I would be way more understanding. But let me tell you Chris and I am not exaggerating, this shit has happened to me four times. Signed agreements with ranked opponents and for one reason or another they have gotten scratched. When I ended up fighting Al (Iaquinta), it was because they had just snatched Benson Henderson from me. He (Benson) ended up fighting Brandon Thatch at 170. It was like the weirdest thing ever. Like really? You couldn’t get any other 170-pounder? Why are you snatching my prom date away. So it was weird. Now I’m fighting a guy who is unranked at the time, it is just crazy. Then the same thing happened with Kelvin. They took that fight away from me and gave me Jake. At least he just got ranked but I am aiming to fight the best man and that is why I just get so fired up that I want to do hood-rat shit you know. I got in to this sport to fight the best. If I didn’t want to fight the best I would be fighting bums in backyards and retardedness like that. But I want to fight the best in the world!”

He continued:

“Joe Silva will tell you. Dana White will tell you. I have never turned down a fight like ‘Oh I don’t know, I think that is a bad match-up for me’. No because I am a complete fighter. I have nasty stuff for anybody. When I was calling “Cowboy” out it wasn’t because I wanted to fight Cerrone and not Jake (Ellenberger). No, no, no. I need that money. I have IRS breathing down my neck. I was hoping to get Cerrone and then I still would have fought with Jake because I am a real man and if I signed on that dotted line you better believe I am coming for that ass! Unlike these dudes who sign fights with me or agree to fight online just to get some type of credit like ‘Oh he agreed to fight him he is not no punk’. And then they fake injuries and shit like that. There are deals that were documented on paper that nobody can contest. There are fighters who people love and worship because they will supposedly take any fight right? Those same guys have said no on several occasions. The UFC will call me and say ‘Hey would you fight so and so’. And I am like ‘yeah for sure’. Then they call me back and are like ‘Oh he wanted no part of that bout’ or whatever. It’s just weird. Like you don’t want to fight me because I am an easy fight? Then why don’t you just collect your check and put some easy money in the bank account.”

Taylor asked Jorge which fighters in particular did not step up to fight him and Masvidal was not willing to give those “bitch asses” the publicity.

“There have been a couple of big name fighters who have done this man. And you know what? I am not even going to mention there bitch ass names on this call because this is BJPENN.com and those mother fuckers don’t deserve that type of exposure! I will say this, there are a couple of dudes who are in the top ten right now who have denied fighting me on short-notice saying things like ‘Nah we will wait for somebody else’. People don’t want to fight a guy like me. I am solid everywhere. I can get dropped by a heel-kick to the jaw and I will still come back and make that same guy break. People don’t want this dog in front of their face! I will never give up or back down or break and that is why mother fuckers don’t want this!”

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