Casey O’Neill in no rush to fight for the belt but knows she will ‘be the best in the world’ eventually

By Cole Shelton - October 15, 2021

Casey O’Neill is currently the 14th-ranked flyweight, but she is in no rush to move up the ranks.

Casey O'Neill

O’Neill is 3-0 in the UFC and coming off a TKO win over Antonina Shevchenko, which was her third UFC win, with all of them coming by finish and happening this year. Although she has had a mediocre rise, she says it’s still surreal to think about.

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“It’s a little bit surreal, to be honest. It’s not even what I expected, either,” O’Neill said on Just Scrap Radio on “When I first thought of becoming a UFC fighter, you expect the crowd and I haven’t gotten to experience any of that, so it doesn’t feel like the UFC.”

Although the fast progression has been surreal for O’Neill, she isn’t surprised by it. She always knew she was an elite-level fighter but she is still young in her MMA career. Casey O’Neill only turned pro back in April of 2019 so she wants some time off to spend in the gym to train and improve. The hope is to return in March against whoever the UFC puts in front of her.

“I’m down to fight in March against whoever they want to put me against. I like to think they won’t completely throw me in the deep end. I’m number 14 so I like to think I have a little ways to go,” O’Neill said. “I don’t want to be at the top too quickly as I want to take my time and get more experience. I hope they keep that into consideration… I gave Mick some names I like, but I haven’t said no to anyone he has come with, I also haven’t gotten anyone I asked for. Whoever they want to put me against me next is fine.

Despite the fact O’Neill doesn’t care who is next, she did have one demand for Mick Maynard and that is to be on a pay-per-view in front of fans.

“I did tell Mick my next fight must be on a pay-per-view. I asked to be on the New York card and I heard I was going to be on it and then I got given this fight instead. My next fight must be on a pay-per-view,” O’Neill said.

Regardless of her next opponent, O’Neill is eager to test herself against the best as she knows she will be the best in the world eventually.

“I’m excited to test myself against the best in the world, I know I can be the best in the world, I’m just a little inexperienced and it will take me a little bit longer,” O’Neill concluded.

Who would you like to see Casey O’Neill fight next?

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