Artem Lobov open to boxing Jake and Logan Paul if the money is right

Artem Lobov
Image: @thecouture_club

Artem Lobov is open to boxing either of the Paul brothers.

After Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. undercard, the 23-year-old called out the likes of Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor. Given those are his teammates, Artem Lobov says if those fights don’t come to fruition, he would take the fight and beat up Paul if he is paid accordingly.

“I mean he is doing his thing, I guess people are watching and interested. I heard the numbers were pretty good and 50 percent were brought in by the main event and the other 40-50 percent by Jake Paul,” Artem Lobov said on Just Scrap Radio on “So, it is the entertainment business and you need people watching. If it wasn’t good people wouldn’t be watching, if people are watching that means they are interested. Why not? It is all about being paid. If they pay me well, I would box him. I would fight him, his brother, whoever. I’m ready to fight anybody. It would have to be good money. I have nothing to gain from getting into that fight and winning it. It would need to be finically interesting.

“Whenever I approach I fight I look at who the opponent is, what it would do for me, my ranking, my reputation, and then, of course, I adjust the money accordingly,” Artem Lobov continued. “To fight those guys, I have nothing to gain, so it has to be financially very interesting for me. If it is why not? That is what I do, I’m a prizefighter, they pay I fight.”

Artem Lobov was supposed to make his return to MMA this Saturday but the event was canceled. So, given he has not fight, perhaps a boxing match against Jake Paul could happen. But, if it does, the weight would be a big concern as Lobov has been fighting at 154lbs in BKFC while Paul weighed 189lbs for his bout against Robinson.

Would you like to see Artem Lobov vs. Jake Paul in boxing?

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