Dominick Cruz gives update on injured foot

Dominick Cruz

In the 5th round of Dominick Cruz’s ‘UFC Fight Night: Boston’ main event scrap with TJ Dillashaw, Cruz seemed to re-injure his knee.

While the MMA world was extremely concerned that Cruz re-tore his ACL, the newly crowned UFC bantamweight champion revealed post-fight that it was a foot injury.

Cruz explained that his plantar fascia tendonitis was acting up, however it wouldn’t force him to be sidelined for long.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, Cruz updated fans on how his physical therapy is going.

“I wasn’t really banged up (after the fight), just my foot hurt. Of course it’s going to hurt worse at the end of the fight, especially because where we fought they didn’t let us tape stuff. If you go across the world in any sport anywhere, you can tape your ankles or your hands or your knees. Well in a fistfight, apparently you’re not allowed to, so it’s super silly. That really hurt my foot very badly because I was taping it the entire camp, so I was used to having that support. If you take away that support and have to fight at a thousand miles an hour, my foot gets hurt a little bit.

“I’m attacking it very aggressively in rehab, doing the things I need to do to get rid of the inflammation, and my body’s feeling strong. My knees are feeling strong. It’s just a matter of upkeep, staying strong, getting faster and rebuilding the body to get to top form because my last camp I came in off ACL injury and I had to skip a lot of portions of building my body because I had to focus on technique for the fight itself. … Now I can build all those things back up around all this time and have a full body going into this next fight.”

So far no word yet on who Dominick Cruz will be defending his title against first, however he does have a gift for Urijah Faber.

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