UFC 229 Results: Derrick Lewis KO’s Alexander Volkov in final seconds (Highlights)

Derrick Lewis, UFC rankings

A key heavyweight bout between perennial contenders Alexander Volkov and Derrick Lewis took place at tonight’s UFC 229 event in Las Vegas.

Alexander Volkov enters tonight’s contest on a six-fight win streak, his latest being a fourth-round knockout victory over former champ Fabricio Werdum this past March in London.

Meanwhile, Derrick Lewis has won two fights in a row and eight of his past nine overall. “The Black Beast” most recently defeated Francis Ngannou at July’s UFC 226 event.

Round one begins and Volkov starts off quickly landing a nice combination. Another strike and Lewis complains of an eye poke. There is a brief break in the action as Volkov points to the referee that Lewis is hurt. The fighters restart and we are back to striking. Both men are throwing hands now. The fighters clinch and after a knee Volkov lands a takedown. He lands some ground and pound, and then proceeds to take the back of Lewis. Volkov is looking for the rear-naked choke. Lewis scrambles and winds up on top. He immediately begins raining down ground and pound. Volkov covers up and is able to survive as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Volkov takes the center of the octagon. He starts things off with a left jab and then a right over the top. Lewis looks rocked. Still he decides to leap in with a big left hook that just misses. Volkov comes forward and Lewis fakes a takedown. He circles off the fence and meets Volkov in the middle of the cage. Once again Volkov comes forward with a combination. He lands a kick and then a jab to the body of Derrick. Lewis is on his bike now. Volkov lands a jab and then pushes Lewis against the cage. Derrick shrugs him off and throws a big combination. Volkov responds with a kick to the body. The fans are pleading for more action. Volkov obliges with another body kick. He attempts a high kick but it just misses. Lewis looks tired and is basically just waiting on the opportunity to land a big counter punch. Volkov with a kick to the body and then a left jab. Another teap kick from the former Bellator champion. He goes inside with a low kick and then lands a right hand. Lewis lands a big combination and Volkov loses his mouthpiece. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Lewis attempts to shoot in for a takedown but fails miserably. Volkov tells him to get back up to his feet. Lewis does and then charges forward with an overhand right. Volkov avoids and then lands a pair of uppercuts followed by a straight left. Lewis is in trouble. Volkov continues to press forward with punches. Lewis circles off the fence and Volkov greets him in the center of the octagon with a front kick to the body. He follows that up with a teap kick and then a low kick. Two minutes remain in the third and final round. Volkov with a nice kick to the body and then a jab. Lewis charges forward with a flurry. He knows he needs the finish and is set on finding it. Lewis with an overhand right. Volkov circles out and then lands a pair of low kicks. Lewis fires right back with a right hand. Only thirty seconds remain. Lewis with a left and then a right. Volkov hits the floor. Lewis is on him with hammer fists and this one is all over! WOW!

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