UFC 229 Results: Dominick Reyes defeats Ovince Saint Preux (Highlights)

Dominick Reyes

A key light heavyweight bout between veteran Ovince Saint Preux and surging undefeated contender Dominick Reyes took place at tonight’s UFC 229 event in Las Vegas.

Dominick Reyes (9-0 MMA) has gone a perfect 3-0 under the UFC banner thus far in his career, scoring first-round finishes in all three of those contests.

Meanwhile, Ovince Saint Preux (23-11 MMA) has won four of his past five fights, his latest being a first-round submission victory over Tyson Pedro this past June in Singapore.

Round one begins and Reyes starts out quickly with a pair of jabs and then a pair of body kicks. Ovince circles in an attempt to escape the pressure. Reyes stays on him with low kicks and then a jab to the body. He takes the center of the octagon but eats a low kick from “OSP” for his efforts. Reyes with a low kick. Ovince Saint Preux fakes a takedown and then actually shoots in. He presses Reyes against the cage but can’t get him to the floor. Reyes switches the position and begins working some knees from the clinch. Saint Preux scores a switch and begins working fro a takedown. Reyes begins raining down some hard elbows with his back against the cage. “OSP” forces a takedown but Reyes quickly scrambles back up to his feet. Saint Preux presses him up against the fence but Reyes quickly switches the position and begins landing shots. Big punches and elbows from Reyes. Dominick has “OSP” on his bike. Reyes hunts him down and lands a kick to the body. He goes upstairs with a kick and then lands an overhand left. A jab to the body lands for Reyes. He lands a low kick and “OSP” is in trouble. Another high kick partially connects for Reyes. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and this UFC 229 fight is back underway. Reyes leaps in with a left hand. “OSP” returns fire with a side kick to the body. Reyes circles along the fence and Saint Preux connects with another side kick. “OSP” steps forward and lands a low kick. Reyes counters with a nice left hand. “OSP” shoots in for a takedown but he can’t get it. Reyes pushes him up against the fence and lands a pair of knees to the thigh. “OSP” is trying to score a trip but Reyes is wise to it and avoids. The fighters break and Reyes lands an inside low kick. He leaps in with a left hand over the top. “OSP” counters with a powerful left body kick. Reyes responds with a slapping kick to the thigh. Two minutes remain in round two. “OSP” leaps in with an overhand left. Reyes avoids and counters with a low kick. He misses with a follow up left hook. Saint Preux shoots in for a takedown. It is not there and he eats a counter left hand for his efforts. Reyes enters the pocket and throws a low kick. “OSP” with a nice left hook to the body now. He follows that up with a low kick. Reyes steps forward but is pushed back by a head kick attempt from “OSP”. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and “OSP” is looking to press the action early. He advances but eats a low kick for his troubles. Reyes with a nice kick to the body. “OSP” needs to get busy here. He comes forward with a front kick that misses the mark. Both men throw and connect with left hooks. Saint Preux with a left hand over the top now. Reyes replies with an uppercut. Dominick opts to circle out along the fence. He lands a kick but “OSP” catches him with a straight right. “OSP” pushes Reyes against the fence. The undefeated fighter quickly switches the position and then breaks free of the clinch. Reyes takes the center of the octagon and fires off a low kick. “OSP” side steps and then leaps in with a left hand. One minute remains and Reyes catches Saint Preux with an elbow. Ovince is bloodied up. Reyes with a left hand and OSP goes down. It looks like a knockout but then the horn sounds so apparently we are going to decision.


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