Report: Dana White’s new pay structure incentivized for net profits

ufc president

UFC President Dana White is looking to make a lot of money with his new pay structure that was recently reported by ESPN.

White, who owned 9% of the UFC is estimated to be getting around $360 million dollars in the $4 billion purchase of the UFC by WME-IMG.

On top of that, ESPN reports that with White’s new structured pay moving forward as President of the UFC under the ownership of WME-IMG, White will receive 9% of annual net profits over the next five years. This means that the more the UFC makes, the more White makes.

In 2015, the UFC grossed $600 million, according to Lorenzo Fertitta. Fertitta did not disclose the net profits, but ESPN estimates that the UFC brought it roughly $200 net profit based on other entertainment business numbers. That would mean roughly $18 million for White getting 9% of yearly net profits, based on 2015 numbers.

To put things into perspective, ESPN also reports that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saw an average of $21 million per year in his first decade as commissioner.

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