Total Gross of Mayweather vs McGregor Could Make it the ‘Biggest Event of Its Kind’

Conor Mcgregor

Even though the numbers from Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s boxing match didn’t reach as high as Dana White predicted, everyone walked away with a ridiculous amount of money. The tattooed Irishman is Vince McMahon-strutting around Ibiza, meanwhile Mayweather is building a strip club empire. The event even broke its first record earlier this month, but it looks like it may be on track for another big one. According to Dave Meltzer, it could be the biggest of its kind in all of sports history.

“When we look at total revenue the show produced, it should be about $445 million from PPV (Cable providers and satellite providers would get 30 percent of the PPV money but the iPPV money would go to the promotion at a much higher percentage), the live gate was $55 million, the U.K. and Ireland PPV is probably about $28 million, international TV rights were estimated at $35 million, $28 million were estimated in sponsorships, $2.6 million in U.S. movie theaters and $15 million from bars and Restaurant airings. There is also a Las Vegas area closed circuit number that is not yet available but should be in about a week, but going in the estimate for that would have been $7 million.”

“All-in-all, the total gross for the event looks to be in the range of $615 to $620 million. Because a single event like a World Cup final or a Super Bowl is part of a television package, you can’t really give a figure on its value, but for events that you can give a direct money value to, it would be the biggest event of its kind in sports history and I’m thinking probably entertainment history as well.” Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer

While just an estimate, if all this is true then Conor McGregor can add another impressive achievement to his growing list of records. This could possibly lead him (and Dana White) into the boxing business another time. After all, Paul Malignaggi still wants to get his revenge on McGregor for their sparring controversy. Whether it’s in the ring or the Octagon, it’s certain that whichever McGregor’s next fight will be, ends up drawing big.

The Records Conor McGregor Holds:  

  • Highest UFC pay for UFC 202.
  • Highest UFC gate for UFC 205.
  • Highest MSG gate for UFC 205.
  • Highest earner on the UFC roster.
  • Highest pay-per-view buys for UFC 202.
  • Most knockdowns in a single bout at UFC 205.
  • Highest American attendance record for UFC 205.
  • First ever simultaneous, UFC multi-divisional champion.
  • Most Performance of the Night awards in UFC history at 6.
  • Most consecutive post-fight bonuses in UFC history with 8.
  • Most consecutive Performance of the Night awards in UFC at 5.

This article first appeared on on 9/15/2017.

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