Throwback! That Time Conor McGregor Couldn’t Afford a $250 Walkout Song

By Tom Taylor - October 2, 2016

In the main event of August’s UFC 202, Conor McGregor defeated Nate Diaz by majority decision, avenging an early 2016 loss to the same man in the process. Yet McGregor would leave Las Vegas with a whole hell of a lot more than his vengeance.

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While McGregor’s disclosed purse was $3 million – hardly a meagre amount on its own – it’s estimated that he walked away from the fight something in the area of $15 million dollars richer. Considering he’s been paid fortunes for several of his previous fights, and is seemingly always making money through various endeavours on the side, it’s safe to say that McGregor is doing quite well for himself. So well, in fact, that he estimates he’ll close out 2016 $40 million dollars richer than he was when the year started.

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Of course, Conor McGregor hasn’t always had a bursting bank account. As his fans know, he comes from some very humble begins. In fact, it wasn’t all that he was receiving welfare checks in Dublin, Ireland, moonlighting as a plumber’s apprentice, struggling to keep himself afloat as an up-and-coming fighter. In those days, his financial situation was so bleak that he couldn’t even afford to buy himself the walkout song he wanted.

This morning, composer and producer Mikey Rukus took to Twitter to post a screen capture of a conversation he had with McGregor many years ago. In the conversation, McGregor tells the producer that he simply can’t afford to pay $250 USD for a walkout song. He then attempts to haggle with the producer, telling him the song will be heard by thousands of ears worldwide.

Yes, Conor McGregor’s is a classic rags to riches story, as he has risen from financial destitution to achieve the kind of wealth most of us can only dream of. Safe to say that he could probably afford that walkout song now.

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