AUDIO | Nick Diaz does comical Georges St-Pierre impression and talks about being a role model

Nick Diaz lives the life of a true fighter and does not care to watch his p’s and q’s in front of the media. A big part he says is due to the fact that he does not have a wife and kids that he has to worry about or an image he has to portray with being a family man and can just concentrate on being a fighter.

Growing up in the early days of the UFC, the brash product of Stockton, California says he never even knew that he would eventually have people looking up to him. Diaz recently said on Opie Radio that he wasn’t even aware that he was famous for quite some time or that being a role model was even something that he had to consider.

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“I didn’t know I was a role model,” Diaz said (at 2:18:40 of the video). “I didn’t know I was famous for a really long time. So, when I first fought George St-Pierre I had this like soccer mom pulling up next to me at a stop light and she’s going, ‘I hope he beats you!’

“I’m like, ‘Bitch, we’re in Lodi.’ I’m like, we’re in f***ing Lodi and I got this soccer mom coming up to me hoping GSP [wins]. Where’s the hometown love right? It was rough, I’m like, ‘I’m sorry I’m not a good role model for your children.’ They never gave me the opportunity to be.

“So, here George is like this big role model and this sport, athletic endorsement guy and he starts talking s*** going, ‘Nick Diaz is a bad guy. Nick Diaz deserves to get beat down,'” Diaz said doing his GSP impression.

“I’m like, I’m starting to feel some type of way about this now.

“I’ve got some like soccer mom pull up. I’m like, I want to be on a Wheaties box. I want to get paid for some f***ing endorsements and I want them to want me to win the UFC title.

“They don’t want me in that position. They’re like, ‘Shit!’ So, yeah, just anything to keep me away from that.”

Although the Wheaties endorsement never came, Diaz said that he was able to work in some good negotiations for his fights in the UFC.

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“I don’t care anymore. I don’t need the f****ing dough. I negotiated pay-per-view into my contract without a title. I’m the first one to ever do that. These motherf***ers were pointing the finger at me, calling me stupid this whole time.”

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