Jake Shields Recounts Run-In With Conor McGregor: I Told Him I’d Slap the Sh*t out of Him

Jake Shields

Earlier this year, in the main event of UFC 202, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz engaged in an unforgettable, five-round war. In the end, McGregor would win this encounter with a majority decision, avenging a previous submission loss to Diaz in the process.

Given McGregor and Diaz’s propensities for trash talk and bravado, it should come as no surprise that they had several heated exchanges in the buildup to their legendary second scrap. Several of these brushes got so heated that members of both fighter’s teams got involved.

In one such incident former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields, who is a long-time friend and training partner of Diaz, got involved in the chaos. Amid the fray, Shields said he exchanged some words with McGregor. He gave a rundown of this encounter on the latest episode of 2 American Animals with hosts Erik Apple and Ian McCall.

“I think I told him I’d slap the shit out of him or something. He was getting mouthy and I’m like ‘this motherf*cker is a 145-pounder, if he thinks he can talk sh*t to me, it ain’t a f*cking game.’”

ufc featherweight champion

Shields also explained that he very nearly came to blows with McGregor, but that his better judgement kicked in before things got physical.

“When the brawl almost broke out, I jumped on stage and I had a clear path to Conor. I was about to get him, but then I started thinking, ‘oh f*ck, if I attack Conor, I’m gonna fuck the fight up for Nate.’”

Finally, shields offered up some thoughts on McGregor and Diaz’s recent rematch. He expressed some regret that his friend and training partner wasn’t able to use more of his wrestling skill, and hopes that will be different in a possible McGregor vs. Diaz rubber match.

“[Nate] wasn’t able to do any wrestling in that fight unfortunately. He had some injuries, and he couldn’t do any wrestling. It was kinda frustrating, but hopefully there’s a third one, and he can go to work with his wrestling.”  

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