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Conor McGregor’s lawsuit over alleged assault dropped by Dublin Woman

Samantha Murphy, the woman who accused Conor McGregor of assaulting her on his yacht, terminated the lawsuit this Monday, a month after she had launched the case.

It was claimed that McGregor assaulted Samantha on July 17, 2022, following birthday celebrations held at Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza and then at the Irishman’s yacht.

She claimed McGregor’s demeanor suddenly changed after a night of partying. The UFC star allegedly became aggressive, insulting her appearance, kicking her to the stomach, punching her chin, and threatening to drown her. Samantha then stated she was forced to jump from the yacht and into the water to escape, and shortly after, she was rescued by a Red Cross boat.

Samantha claimed to have suffered a broken arm and severe bruising.

Conor McGregor denies all allegations against him

Since the incident occurred and was reported, McGregor strongly denies all allegations against him. After returning to her native homeland in Dublin, Samantha made a formal complaint against McGregor.

Alvaro Blasco, Samantha’s solicitor, spoke to sundayworld.com, stating he could not comment but confirmed a notice of discontinuance had been filed. 

Samantha was scheduled to appear in The High Court next week to submit evidence concerning the incident in Ibiza, which consisted of CCTV and camera phone footage. However, the application will no longer take place.

Following the submission of the lawsuit, a spokesperson of McGregor said he was “Steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat.”

In the last few weeks, gardaí have investigated attacks on Samantha’s property and vehicle. Last Wednesday, a brick was reportedly thrown through her window. On January 19, an attempt to burn Samantha’s car was carried out and is being investigated.

It’s unclear that either incident was linked to her lawsuit allegations.

The case that’s now abandoned marks the second lawsuit McGregor has filed against him in the last few months.

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