Conor McGregor and Fabricio Werdum trade shots over Bellator drug testing

Conor McGregor

UFC superstar Conor McGregor and free agent heavyweight Fabricio Werdum traded shots on Twitter over the drug testing in Bellator.

McGregor took to social media this week to criticize Bellator for its drug testing procedures. Unlike the UFC which has USADA in addition to the testing from athletic commissions, Bellator relies on the commissions of the jurisdictions where it holds events to provide its drug testing. McGregor believes that Bellator should step up its game and get to the UFC’s level when it comes to bringing in a third-party such as USADA to test.

McGregor’s Tweets about drug testing were apparently seen by Werdum, the former UFC heavyweight champion who is currently in talks to fight Fedor Emelianenko in Bellator. Werdum was not happy that McGregor was taking shots at his likely new promotion on Twitter and decided to fire back at the UFC superstar with a few choice words of his own.

Losers always will try to find excuses. Champions work very hard and don’t distracted by ants. @CyborgsGloves Is a living legend McGregor is filha-da-puta HEY

Huh? I did not mention Cris whatsoever. Nothing to do with Cris at all. It is a request to the promotion, as a top tier one, to up its PED testing program. As currently there is zero in place. This is a dangerous business and to take a lax stance here, at this level, is wrong.

Actually wait! Aren’t you currently banned for steroids right now? And got your sentenced reduced for ratting other people? And also just recently signed to this promotion I speak of? Woah. Man, fuck you. My lord, what a business this is.

The funny thing is it was cause a girl 145 that trains at your gym Sinaed Kavanagh posted a tweet about testing following Cyborg Beating her up Why are you backtrack now

McGregor: They never fought. I train Sinead. I manage Cris. Both tremendously gifted warriors. This is not about either! Or any of the roster for that matter. It is about the promotion itself stepping up to the plate, as one of the top tier organisations in MMA, and upping its testing.

An alcoholic and a Coke head should not worry about testing anything @ScottCoker always do a good job

It will be interesting to see if McGregor’s comments about Bellator’s drug testing will push the promotion to do a more comprehensive testing system going forward.

Who do you side more with when it comes to this debate, Conor McGregor or Fabricio Werdum?

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