Colby Covington Threatens to KO Woodley in the Street in Wild New Interview

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is not letting up on Tyron Woodley. Whether it is in the Octagon, on social media, in the grocery store, or at Impact Wrestling, Covington has been challenging Woodley left and right. It’s exactly what a guy coming off the biggest win of his career against Demian Maia should be doing. All of these words aren’t just for promotion purposes though, Colby Covington vows that his beef with Woodley is as real as it gets.

“There’s not going to be any friendly terms [between me an Tyron Woodley]. This is not talk, this is not something that we’re promoting, this is real legitimate beef. We have an actual feud. If I see that dude in the streets, we’re going to be throwing blows and he’s going to be face down unconscious on the concrete. So, I have no respect for Tyron Woodley. The guy’s a piece of sh-t. He tries to claim all this sh-t. The guy, I mean, this is the type of dude he is, that he brings out these coaches for training camp, like four or five different coaches, and then he doesn’t pay them when he makes agreements that he’s going to pay them a percentage of his fight purse. So that tells you what kind of person Tyron Woodley is. So, I don’t respect that person.”

“He’s a piece of sh-t, he’s a fake, he’s a fraud. Me and Tyron Woodley, there’s no other fight to make, it’s me versus Tyron Woodley. That fight will not go three rounds. The same thing in the gym, you know, first round I put a high pace on him, I come out with a lot of volume, a lot of strikes, a lot of takedown attempts, in the clinch, elbows, knees, batter him up. And then he gets tired, he gasses, he has no gas in tank, he fades quick. He wouldn’t make it three rounds, I guarantee it on my contract, on my UFC contact, within the 10 to 12-minute mark range in the fight he’ll be dead and broken and I’ll will have dogged him, just like I did in the gym.” — Colby Covington speaking to Submission Radio.

Other than implying he could beat Colby Covington with one arm, Tyron Woodley hasn’t said much about Covington. He’s got his eyes on challenging Georges St-Pierre for the UFC middleweight title or defending his own welterweight title against the winner of Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler’s fight. All of that isn’t going stop the third-ranked welterweight from knocking on the champion’s door though.

This article first appeared on on 11/9/2017

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