VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Reacts to Floyd Mayweather’s Recent MMA Teases: “Floyd is fighting again”

“Floyd Mayweather comes out and he…puts out like, a little video…of him getting into an MMA cage. We know he’s not doing MMA, there’s nothing about that but why would he be wanting to keep his name out there…? I know the answer, I just want to tell you guys. Floyd’s fightin’ again. He’s gonna box.

But he’s fighting again, make no mistake, Floyd Mayweather is boxing again. He has no choice. The only thing more embelished than Floyd Mayweather’s pay-per-view numbers is Floyd Mayweather’s networth.

I really think he’s fighting Conor [McGregor]. I’m kind of out on a limb on that one but I have some evidence to support it… The one reason you always have to retire is you can’t have a comeback until you have a retirement so everything’s lined up for that. He’s seeking attention for some reason. I think it’s pretty obvious, he’s gonna box again and why not pick your opponent? I think we’re a lot more likely to see that fight than you people think.”

If you were unaware, boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather has recently been teasing appearances in MMA with social media videos lately. Which has gained plenty of attention as one might imagine. Mayweather is 50-0 in his professional boxing career and never fought or even came to close to fighting in MMA.

Chael Sonnen is currently fighting for Bellator MMA and formerly fought for the UFC where he competed for titles on three occasions(twice at middleweight and once at light heavyweight). Since leaving the UFC, Sonnen has turned into somewhat of a solid insider as well as a good analyst and commentator. He’s truly an MMA jack of all trades.

This wouldn’t be the first time Sonnen made a bold prediction. Those who have been following him over his career will remember what was probably his biggest prediction when he said that the UFC 187 title fight between Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson would not happen. Well…Chaelstradamus reared his head and was correct. Jones was pulled from the fight after a myriad of incidents outside the cage resulting in his stripping of the title and the insertion of Daniel Cormier into the bout.

Could Chael be right again here?


This article first appeared on on 2/1/2018.

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