Chael Sonnen will face HUGE penalties if he fails a Bellator drug test

Chael Sonnen

With Chael Sonnen’s new Bellator contract, it definitely won’t pay to fail another drug test. In fact, one failed test under the Bellator banner would leave him without a fight purse as well as a $500,000 fine, according to ‘The American Gangster’ himself.

Sonnen discussed his new Bellator contract and went in depth as to what he stands to lose should he fail another drug test:

“If I was to fail a test under my Bellator contract, it would cost me 100 percent of my purse and $500,000. That is in writing,” Sonnen said. “Now, I understand for you guys, that’s not as good as a clean test, but boy, that’s got to mean something. If you think I didn’t read that part of it before I signed it, I did.

“I don’t know if that was unique to me or if that was boilerplate and everybody’s got it. I don’t know, but I saw that. That’s before you deal with your commission issues and everything else, but it was right off the top: full purse, $500,000. That’s just to Bellator. That’s before we start dealing with commissions, and again, I don’t know if that was boilerplate or if they set that aside for me. But I’m on the other side of the tracks now, and you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, I’ve still got the biggest arms in the business.”

Sonnen was a known user of Testosterone Replacement Therapy before TRT was banned from competition in 2014. At the time, he said banning TRT from the sport would force him to retire, which he did following a failed drug test leading into his secheduled UFC 175 fight with Vitor Belfort.

Bellator President Scott Coker declined to speak on the subject.

‘The American Gangster’ is still awaiting a fight after signing with Bellator last week, but Sonnen appears to be aware of the damage one more failed drug test could do.

“Some guys, they use some of those things and they go, ‘well, it didn’t enhance me, it helped with recovery.’ It did with me. I got an enhancement,” Sonnen said. “I felt better, period. I needed less sleep at night, I had more energy. The recovery thing, that’s true too. It was absolutely an enhancement. I get asked that by people, ‘hey, did you ever take anything that was an enhancer?’ I never took anything that wasn’t an enhancer. That’s the only reason I would take something, if I thought it would enhance me.

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