UFC co-founder: Bellator stars are the guys I started with 20 years ago

Bellator cage

While the UFC undoubtably is the largest MMA promotion in the United States, if not the world, Bellator MMA has continued to grow in popularity among MMA fans. The promotion recently just held its Bellator 158 event in London, and is already preparing to hold their Bellator 159 event this Friday.

On the heels of the UFC being sold for $4 billion after the biggest event in UFC history, UFC co-founder Campbell McLaren questions why Bellator even exists.

He spoke on The MMA Hour:

“You don’t have to work very hard not to beat up on Bellator. I have to work at it. But why is there a Bellator? For what purpose? Look, there’s some good athletes over there. I was a big Eddie Alvarez fan and I was a Kimbo fan. But why is there a Bellator? There is no substantial different point of view in what Bellator does than what the UFC does. Scott’s brought in some… Scott, well let’s call it like it is, he is using my guys in Bellator. He’s using Shamrock, Gracie, Tito; the biggest guys in Bellator are guys that I started with 20 years ago.”

As a viewer, do you see differences in how the UFC and Bellator run fight cards? Give us your thoughts on both promotions in the comments below!

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