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UFC 245 Results: Amanda Nunes defeats Germaine de Randamie (Highlights)

The UFC women’s bantamweight title is up for grabs on tonight’s UFC 245 main card as current champion Amanda Nunes squares off with Germaine de Randamie.

The promotions current “champ champ”, Amanda Nunes (18-4 MMA), was last seen in action at July’s UFC 239 event, where she defended her women’s bantamweight title with a TKO victory over former champion Holly Holm (see that here).

‘The Lioness’ will enter tonight’s title bout on a nine-fight win streak.

Meanwhile, former women’s featherweight title holder Germaine de Randamie (9-3 MMA) is coming a first-round knockout victory over perennial division contender Aspen Ladd.

‘GDR’ and Nunes have met once in the past, with Amanda emerging victorious by way of first round TKO.

Round one of this UFC 245 title fight begins and Nunes misses with a low kick. She throws jab and then trades low kicks with ‘GDR’. Amanda Nunes with a nice right hand over the top. That appeared to stun Germaine. Nunes comes forward and catches a kick. She lands another right hand. The fighters break and Nunes takes the center of the Octagon. She lands another nice right hand and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Nunes with a big punch but loses position. ‘GDR’ shoots in and Nunes locks in a guillotine choke. This is tight. Somehow Germaine de Randamie survives and pulls her head out. The fighters clinch against the cage and exchange knees. Nunes looks for a trip takedown and gets it. She immediately begins raining down ground and pound. Big shots from the champ. ‘GDR’ is covering up. She attempts an upkick as Amanda postures up. More good shots from Nunes. She is looking for the stoppage. Punches in bunches now from Amanda Nunes. She stops and looks for an arm-triangle. This submission looks deep. Nunes lets it go and switches to elbows. Round one comes to an end. This is crazy that De Randamie survived. Amanda must be exhausted.


Round two begins and Germaine de Randamie comes out swinging. She just misses with a high kick. Nunes answers with a nice straight punch up the middle. ‘GDR” with a right hand over the top. That was nice. Nunes goes to the body with a kick. De Randamie lands another good right hand. Amanda looks tired. She could be in danger here. Nunes fires off a right hand and then a front kick to the body. ‘The Lioness’ shoots in and scores a takedown. After a lack of action, the referee stands them up. ‘GDR’ with a question mark kick and now some knees. Nunes is trying to break free of the clinch but can’t do so. Nunes is in trouble as ‘GDR’ continues to land short shots from the clinch. Another knee from Germaine. Amanda Nunes scrambles and scores a much needed takedown. One minute remains in round two. Nunes is working some shots in but nothing very significant. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of this UFC 245 title fight begins and Amanda Nunes is in quick search of a takedown. She gets it and begins working from the full guard of Germaine de Randamie. Short shots from the top by Nunes. She moves to half guard and begins to open up with some bigger strikes. ‘The Lioness’ working the body now. ‘GDR’ fires back from bottom position. Nunes lands a good elbow. Ninety seconds remain in the round. Big elbows now from Nunes. She postures up and ‘GDR’ catches her with a big upkick. Amanda might be hurt but Germaine is stuck on the bottom. Good shots once again from Nunes. Germaine de Randamie scrambles and gets back to her feet. Nunes drags her right back down however. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of this UFC 245 title fight begins and De Randamie comes forward with a low kick followed by a big right hand that just misses. Amanda Nunes shoots in and scores a single leg takedown. That was big. She immediately moves to half guard and begins working some ground and pound. She lands a nice elbow and then another. Nunes switches to punches and then moves back to elbows. She lands a nasty one. ‘GDR’ attempts to fire back with hammer fists from off her back but that is not going to win her the fight. Germaine locks in an armbar and turns it to a triangle choke. This is tight. Wow. Amanda Nunes just barely escapes and then takes the fight back the floor. Not much action here. Just as I type that Nunes drops down a major elbow. One minute remains. The referee is taking a good look here. Nunes postures up and rains down a few shots. The horn sounds to end round four.


The fifth and final round of this UFC 245 title fight begins and Amanda Nunes immediately shoots in and scores another takedown. She has now set the record for takedowns in a women’s bantamweight title fight. ‘The Lioness’ continues to batter ‘GDR’ with short shots from the top. Two minutes remain and the crowd is growing restless. Nunes continues to deliver shots but nothing significant. Germaine is firing back with hammer fists from off her back. Amanda Nunes continues to stay busy. ‘GDR’ creates some space but cannot use it to get up. Instead, Nunes works her way to side control. The horn sounds to end this title fight.

Official UFC 245 Result: Amanda Nunes def. Germaine de Randamie by decision

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