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Video | Mike Tyson punches a man multiple times while on an airplane

It has been reported by ‘TMZ’ that Mike Tyson was seen punching a man in the face multiple times on a flight last evening.

Apparently Tyson was aboard a JetBlue flight which was bound from San Fransisco to Florida.

According to a witness, Mike Tyson took a selfie with the passenger, and was cool with him, but the said passenger proceeded to non-stop talk to ‘Iron Mike‘ from his seat. When the fighter asked him to chill, a warning the passenger didn’t heed, things took a turn for the worse.

Sources close to Tyson have indicated the passenger, who was seated behind Tyson on the plane, was extremely intoxicated. While initially the boxing legend was patient with the over zealous fan, eventually he’d had enough and went into action with his fists to quiet the man.

Taking to ‘Twitter’, a video was posted by ‘TMZ‘ showing the altercation:

“Mike Tyson repeatedly punches man in face on plane, bloodies passenger.”

“Mike Tyson seemed to lose his cool on a plane on Wednesday night….repeatedly punching a man in the face after the guy apparently annoyed him.” 

Following the altercation, Tyson departed the flight.

Apparently the passenger who was punched by Tyson received medical attention and contacted the police over the incident.

Mike Tyson, 55, was a professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005 and is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Outside of the boxing ring, Tyson has notoriety as well, even doing prison time in his early years. It has also been reported that he suffers with anger issues which have gotten him into trouble outside the ring.

At the time of this article there has been no comment from the man who sustained the injuries, JetBlue or Tyson’s camp.

Stay tuned for updates on whether charges will be forthcoming against the boxing legend.

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