VIDEO | Two minutes of thunderous Mike Tyson knockouts

When Anthony “Rumble” Johnson announced his retirement from mixed martial arts in the wake of his UFC 210 submission loss to Daniel Cormier, we mourned the departure of perhaps the hardest puncher in the sport. MMA, of course, is chock full of hard punchers, but there was something special about Rumble’s fists… They seemed extra concussive. Though only his opponents can say for sure, his punches seemed to land with the same impact as a 40-pound dumbbell fired out of a cannon. At times, it was almost uncomfortable watching his punches land. You worried for the people he was hitting.

Rumble, of course, is not the first fighter in combat sports with this kind of power. Over the course of the long history of pugilism, we’ve seen several other fighters punch with similar skull-rattling ferocity. Of all the punchers in all of the sports that include punching, however, it’s possible that none hit quite as violently as former champ Iron Mike Tyson.

Tyson, who is now known for his roles in movies like The Hangover, his weird interest in pigeon breeding, and as a sort of unofficial brand ambassador for Dana White and the UFC, was once one of the scariest boxers on earth. He was a blend of jarring power and blinding speed. His punches were comets wrapped in leather.

If you never got the chance to watch Tyson do his thing in his heyday, well, it’s your lucky day. At the top of this post, you can enjoy two straight minutes of his best work – knockouts, knockouts, and more knockouts.

What is your favorite knockout win from Mike Tyson’s legendary career? Are there any other fighters in modern boxing or mixed martial arts that you think punch like he used to? Sound off in the comments section, PENN Nation!

This article first appeared on on 4/19/2017.

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