Jake Paul shares DMs to Dillon Danis while issuing a final warning to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul shared the DMs he sent to Bellator fighter Dillon Danis while issuing a final warning to rival Tommy Fury.

Paul took to his social media on Wednesday to release a two-minute clip of him talking about both Danis and Fury. Check out what “The Problem Child” said in the video below.

“This is the last time I’m speaking about this guy if we don’t end up fighting because I’m starting to get pissed off. Tommy Fury’s about to fumble the biggest bag of his life. Tommy, I made you famous. I gave you the biggest payday of your life. You came to the US, got your US debut for your dream to come true. I gave you a chance to shine in front of the whole entire world, and now I’m offering to quadruple the biggest payday of your life that I gave you to fight,” Paul said (h/t MMANews). “For everyone at home, this is what happens when you give someone clout and you give them an ego. They start to think they’re better than they actually are. I have dozens of other fighters calling me out every single week, Tommy. You’re replaceable. It’s the same thing that I told Dillon Danis in our DMs.”

Paul then explained how Danis “fumbled his bag,” meaning that he blew the opportunity to fight Paul and now the YouTuber says he has no interest in fighting him anymore.

“I told Dillon there was definitely potential in negotiating up to $1 million. And if I have to give some of my own purse to get this done, I will. I told Dillon, ‘I personally want to fight you the most but A, If you don’t take it right now, the odds of us fighting in the future are very slim; and B, obviously, this is the biggest fight you will most likely ever see; and C, we have other offers out there, so you need to make an offer in less than 72 hours,” Paul said. “Dillon fumbled his bag. He didn’t want to fight. And guess what? I am never gonna fight Dillon Danis ever. He missed the biggest opportunity of his life. He thought I was joking around. And now, Dillon Danis is in jail. Tommy, do you want to end up in jail? Take the fight, Tommy.”

Would you rather see Jake Paul fight Dillon Danis or Tommy Fury more?

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