Jake Paul says Anderson Silva looked “amazing” in boxing match: “This just goes to show that MMA strikers are also great boxers”

Jake Paul

Jake Paul says Anderson Silva looked “amazing” in his boxing match, saying “this just goes to show that MMA strikers are also great boxers.”

Silva made his return to the boxing ring this past weekend when he defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by split decision in a sizeable upset. At age 46 and having not boxed professionally in over 15 years, it was easy to see where there were so many doubters of “The Spider” leading into his boxing match with Chavez Jr. However, Silva shut up the doubters by going in there and beating a pro boxer with way more experience than him.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Paul praised Silva for his performance against Chavez Jr., and he also used Silva’s fight as an example of how dangerous MMA strikers are in boxing. Paul, of course, returns to the boxing ring later this summer when he fights former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. There are plenty of critics of this particular matchup as many fans wanted to see Paul fight a legitimate boxer instead. But as Silva showed against Chavez Jr., MMA fighters can also box, and Paul is hoping that Silva’s performance in that fight leads more fans to be intrigued by his fight against Woodley.

“Anderson’s 46 years old, and I thought he did an incredible job, man. He was sticking and moving, bouncing around the ring, having fun, was throwing combos. He’s long and lanky and to come in there and beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., who’s what, over 50 wins in the ring, is a world champion — this just goes to show that MMA strikers are also great boxers, and I think a lot of people forget that. That is the first skill that MMA fighters learn if they’re going to learn how to fight, is boxing. So I thought he looked amazing,” Paul said.

Do you agree with Jake Paul that MMA strikers are also great boxers?

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