Jake Paul not worried about Tyron Woodley training with “old man” Floyd Mayweather ahead of boxing match

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is not worried about Tyron Woodley training with “old man” Floyd Mayweather ahead of their upcoming boxing match this summer.

Paul and Woodley meet on August 28 in what is set to be one of the biggest combat sports events of the summer. Ahead of their upcoming boxing match, Woodley revealed that he has been training with Mayweather, who is universally regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. There is also another connection with Mayweather and the Paul brothers, as Mayweather just fought Logan Paul to an eight-round No Decision in an exhibition bout.

Despite the fact Mayweather is one of the most accomplished boxers of all time, Paul isn’t worried about his upcoming opponent training with him. According to boxing reporter Michael Benson, Paul scoffed when he was asked about Woodley training with Mayweather.

Jake Paul on Floyd Mayweather training his next opponent Tyron Woodley: “How is Floyd Mayweather (who couldn’t even get in shape or come up with a strategy enough to beat my brother) gonna teach another old man how to beat me?”

Paul is clearly very confident in his boxing skills and he says he isn’t worried at all about what Mayweather could potentially be teaching Woodley as they work together. Considering how good Paul has looked in his boxing career so far, it’s totally understandable that he would be feeling so confident in his skills and not worried about what Woodley is doing. That being said, Woodley is the most accomplished fighter that Paul has fought so far in his boxing career and he’s also the biggest puncher he’s ever fought. It will be interesting to see what Woodley has been learning from Mayweather in Las Vegas.

Do you think Jake Paul should be more concerned about Tyron Woodley training with Floyd Mayweather than he is leading on?

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