Mayweather’s Ridiculous Stats From His Past 10 Fights Prove McGregor Has Little Chance

While a constant double-edged sword, the internet is a wonderful tool. Since the announcement of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, the gears have been turning and steam blowing out of everyone’s hard drives. You could waste an entire year of your life perusing through all the hot takes involving this freak show boxing bout. Anyone can waste their time debating a faceless avatar on Twitter on the nuances of upcoming fight, but some put their time to good use. An R/MMA user on Reddit named Trap_City_Bitch analyzed the stats through the last 10 of Mayweather’s fights, resulting in some simply intimidating numbers.

“49-0 vs Andre Berto: Mayweather has 57% Acc over 410 punches; Berto has 17% Acc over 495 punches. Mayweather lands 2.8x more strikes than Berto. 48-0 vs Manny Pacquiao: Mayweather has 34% Acc over 435 punches; Pacquaio has 19% Acc over 429 punches. Mayweather lands 1.85x more strikes than Pacquiao.”

Floyd Mayweather

“47-0 vs Marcos Maidana (Rematch); Mayweather has 51% Acc over 326 punches; Maidana has 22% Acc over 572 punches. Mayweather lands 1.3x more strikes than Maidana. 46-0 vs Marcos Maidana; Mayweather has 54% Acc over 426 punches; Maidana has 26% Acc over 858 punches. Mayweather lands 1.05x more strikes than Maidana. Maidana landed more strikes against Floyd in this fight than any other fighter has before or after. Interesting coincidence is that Floyd threw exactly 100 less punches in the rematch above.”

The pictures and stats go on and on in this Imgur thread, but we’ll save you some time. The Reddit user found that in Floyd Mayweather’s last 10 fights, his opponents collectively threw 5150 strikes at Floyd, only 1035 (20%) connected. Think about that for a second. Break a calculator up if you need to. While it’d be cool for Conor McGregor to throw a hail Mary missile launcher of a left and knockout Mayweather, the best boxers in the world tried and could never do it. Maybe with the change in glove size, McGregor can break Mayweather’s hand on his giant Irish head and win the biggest upset in the history of combat sports.

This article first appeared on on 8/16/2017.

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