Floyd Mayweather “felt disrespected” and “very angry” after Jake Paul took his hat

Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather
Screenshot of Showtime Boxing Tweet

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was reportedly “disrespected” and “very angry” after Jake Paul took his hat at a recent press conference.

Last month, Mayweather and Logan Paul had a press conference for their exhibition boxing match on June 6, but the presser wasn’t notable for what those two said to each other, but rather for what Jake Paul did when he took Mayweather’s hat. The “Gotcha hat!” slogan has since become a bit of a meme on social media before this weekend’s Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight. But while the Pauls are having fun with it, apparently Mayweather isn’t.

Speaking to the Express, Showtime Sports executive said that Mayweather was absolutely enraged by the hat-stealing incident. According to Espinoza, this was not a staged incident, and Mayweather was genuinely angry that Paul stole his hat and tried to mock him.

“I have never seen him that angry,” Espinoza said. “Not even in the McGregor press tour, when it was very personal. It was not arranged or pre-planned by Floyd or his team. I think Jake very much had it pre-planned and capitalized in his own unique way. From the tattoo to the merchandise, to everything he made out of it. From Floyd, I think that in some of the same way that the McGregor press tour changed the perception of that event. It went from being a circus to realizing there’s real animosity there. (Jake) has layered on a little more motivation for both sides. Floyd felt disrespected. He was very angry. He’s not that good an actor, to be quite honest, to show that level of wrath on command for something he wasn’t really angry about, so very much so, it angered him.”

Do you think we will see a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul down the road?

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