Boxer Edgar Berlanga tries to bite his opponent Roamer Alexis Angulo in dull fight

Edgar Berlanga
(via Top Rank)

Edgar Berlanga has been on the receiving end of some heavy criticism following his bout with Roamer Alexis Angulo.

The bout went all 10 rounds and while Berlanga demonstrated more patience than he’s shown in the past, his defense still wasn’t exactly on point and he missed opportunities against a much slower Angulo.

Simply put, this was not the performance one would expect from an undefeated prospect despite the unanimous decision victory.

At one point during the fight, Edgar Berlanga appeared to attempt to bite Angulo.

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After the fight, Berlanga discussed the incident (h/t Boxing Junkie).

“It was because he was throwing elbowRoamer Alexis Angulos,” he said of Angulo. “I was about to do a Mike Tyson on him. He kept throwing elbows. I didn’t want to get cut. I was ready to bite him (like) Mike Tyson.”

Berlanga felt his performance was enough to establish that he can hang with veterans.

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“We said if we landed a clean shot, if he goes, he goes,” Berlanga said. “But if we gotta box 10 rounds … I wanted to do that. I wanted to show the critics, all the people who said I’m not worthy … to compete with the veterans sooner or later.

“So I feel tonight I proved my point.”

Berlanga later took to his Twitter account to apologize.

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“I want to apologize for my actions and what I said yesterday about the Mike Tyson bite. I was in the moment and got a little ahead of myself. It doesn’t take away from the embarrassment that I have caused upon myself, my team, top ranks, and many others.”

The problem Berlanga faces is that he has not looked impressive since his knockout streak ended. Ever since his competition has gotten tougher, he’s had mediocre performances that have left many wondering if he’ll ever be able to live up to the hype.

“The Chosen One” is only 25 years old, so there’s still some time to adjust but many pundits expected more from him at this stage.

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