Royce Gracie supporting Amir Khan in transition to MMA


Earlier this month, former boxing champion Amir Khan took to social media with a picture of himself and a UFC championship belt, leading many to wonder if he is serious about stepping into the Octagon.

Khan followed the picture with an interview, in which he stated that he would be interested in fighting UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor inside the Octagon, rather than having a boxing match.

Now, in an interview with Independent, MMA pioneer Royce Gracie spoke about Khan’s transition to MMA:

“I’m glad that Amir Khan is making a transition and if he learns some grappling, he’s got very good hands and power, he can do it. Anybody can do MMA, you just got to train for it.”

I don’t believe in good students or bad students. I believe in good teachers and bad teachers. So if there is a good teacher out there that can teach him, he’s a professional athlete, he could pick it up very fast. So if he puts his mind into it, he can do it. It’s hard to give a time, but it’s doable.