Paulie Malignaggi reacts following loss to Artem Lobov

Paulie Malignaggi, Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov
Image: @paulmalignaggi on Instagram

Former boxing champion Paulie Malginaggi made his Bare Knuckle Fighting debut against bitter rival Artem Lobov at tonight’s BKFC 6 event.

Unfortunately for ‘The Magic Man’, things did not go as planned in his bout with ‘The Russian Hammer’.

After a strong opening two rounds for Paulie, Artem Lobov was able to utilize his forward pressure and volume to turn the tide on Malignaggi in rounds three through five.

After ten minutes of back and forth action, Artem Lobov was awarded a unanimous decision victory, 48-47 on all three judges scorecards, over Paulie Malignaggi in tonight’s BKFC 6 main event.

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Following Lobov’s post-fight victory interview, Malignaggi got his chance on the mic where he shared his thoughts on the loss.

“First of all, I still look pretty? I still look alright? At least I have all my teeth.” Paulie Malignaggi said jokingly. “Listen, I mean the first round is always like a feel out round. But honestly, I’m not even kidding… I got hit with one clean punch all night. In that one clinch I got hit with a couple of little good shots. In that one clinch, I think it was two little short shots he hit me with, in one of the clinches and that was it. I mean otherwise it was like little grazing shots that hit my stomach or grazed my face. I thought I pretty much out-boxed him the whole way.”

Paulie Malignaggi continued:

“I’m pretty sure, I’ve broken my hand several times, and I’m pretty sure when I threw that jab to the stomach right hand to the head in round two, I’m pretty sure my right hand is broken. I felt a pain that I am pretty familiar with. But nonetheless, even after that I thought I boxed him pretty well. I got hit with a good shot in the third round, that was in the clinch, but other than I was hitting him with jabs on the way in and checking him with hooks constantly. I mean he was constantly walking into jabs and left hooks. My left hand, it is not broken I don’t think, but it is very sore from hitting him.”

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“Maybe the rules are different here,” Paulie Malignaggi said in regards to the judges scorecards. “Maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t meant to be. I thought I was easily winning the fight. I don’t know what to say about the decision. In my opinion I thought I was handily winning.”

How did you score tonight’s BKFC 6 main event scrap between Artem Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi? Sound off in the comments section PENN Nation!


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