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Wednesday, 09/19/2012, 05:24 pm



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38 Responses to “PHOTO GALLERY | BJ Penn Trains For UFC On FOX 5 | UFC NEWS”

  1. scott slack says:

    BJ better train herder than ever if he wants to get past mcdonald….that kid is a beast

  2. The natural says:

    He looks good he looks big war Bj

  3. Brend0magic says:

    Night night Roidy. WAR PENN!

  4. Dante Niro says:

    u got this BJ!

  5. Topher says:

    Couple of good left hooks and hit a nice switch or sweep on rory whe he goes for the takedown. Take back and choke till limp. Signature BJ. Traveling from east coast the come see that

  6. Brett says:

    All these pics were on Sherdog like a week ago. How did it take so long for to get ahold of them! Haha!!! War Prodigy! Hope Penn smashes Rory and has one last run in him!!

  7. jayPanda says:

    Training with Josh Thomson & Pat healy not bad sparring partners. War BJ

  8. John M says:

    BJ is looking hungry and motivated!!

  9. Axel39 says:

    BJ doesnt look in the worst shape.
    But his face is chubby.
    still 2 months out though.
    Hopefully he does great!

  10. stephen riddle says:

    Train like youre fighting gsp bj! When u win youll get that fight! Train hard and your fight is easy go BJ PENN!

  11. Mitch says:

    Get em BJ. Show this kid why he isnt ready for the title yet. KO!

  12. Lenny says:

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  13. korean jesus says:

    cant wait to see BJ fight! kick rory mcroids ass and choke him out!

  14. drew says:

    looking at these pictures im thinkn like what really this guy was retired he has some much fucking talent, fight, and hunger still in him i trully see bj wearing the belt again dudes a champion, and GOAT

  15. RNC says:

    I’m hoping BJ can keep this fight standing, but Rory, no matter how much I dislike him personally is a beast and I just see him taking Penn down, remember what GSP did? well Rory is GSP 2.0 according to many

  16. dung says:

    BJ looks lil chubby. cmon show us that 6 pack then instantly we all gonna know its over for rory… even rory himself

  17. CombatRusse says:

    BJ will be physically strong
    And he seems to train a lot from his back.
    Rory is in trouble
    Waaaaaaar BJ

  18. blewjob says:

    Got my room and air for Seattle, just waiting on the UFC. WAR BJ!

  19. Ddddddd says:

    Put him in a teabag BJ Is there really reason
    to believe ol pimple puss is all roided up?

  20. abuka says:

    Dam BJ does not look in shape, sloppy looking.

    • daveyB says:

      Of course he’s looking sloppy. BJ is a slacker when it comes to conditioning. He does nothing for 9 months, then “wakes up” his fat body, and spends a few months struggling to get back into half-assed shape. GSP, Diaz, and Rory live the hard-core training lifestyle ALL YEAR LONG! That’s why they don’t gas after just 1 round. What professional athlete is sucking wind after just 1 round of fighting? It’s embarrassing!! The days of taking out a better conditioned opponent, based on skill alone ( like he did with Sherk ) are over. These guys are highly skilled AND they take their conditioning and DIET to the next level. ALL YEAR LONG. BJ recently tested positive for pork fat, so he is doomed. Rory WILL steamroller him!

      • King Prodigy Levreau says:

        SPAM!?!…Hawaiians love it. War BJ War. You are too funny my friend. One love from the central cali’s “NO”.

      • Robert Wootton says:

        Pissing Myself at tht message

      • Majestyk says:

        Wow, that was harsh. Some truth, however, in there as well.

      • DirtyBoxing says:

        Im a BJ fan and rooting BJ forever.. BUT what you are saying about talent alone cannot win every fight is so true nowadays. The level of MMA is progressing so fast. Just the fact that BJ is fighting without being in best shape and fighting heavier weight classes shows the ABSOLUTE greatness of his talents and skills. He has to be one of the best in history when it comes to talent and skills. P4P best fighter today Spider Silva too said “BJ is the Best”.

        If BJ was conditioned like most of the fighters nowadays, he will absolutely crush Rory!!! Or anyone in both WW and LW!!! Even though Rory is bigger. Hospital time for Rory, guaranteed!

        But watch.. BJ is going to come out in shape and well conditioned for this fight! He will not let his fans or himself down! This is his life and he is on a mission once more! Watch out tri star fighters..

  21. Mike b says:

    I’m really rooting for BJ man.i wanna see the BJ of old.if he loses this fight he should hang it up.dismantle this motherfuc*er BJ.

  22. Slim Charles says:

    can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I can get one of those BJPENN.COM jiujitsu gi’s? If you’re a moderator for BJPENN.COM, PLEASE tell us you’re going to be selling those soon!!!

  23. bjrocks says:

    BJ knock this kid out !

  24. Xaninho says:

    Why doesn’t BJ train with some big welterweights? Why is he training with a bunch of lightweights? We all saw what happened to him at ufc 94 when he trains at his home turf and with a bunch of lightweights.

  25. Twayne says:



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