VIDEO | Man chases down robber and chokes him out cold

People can take extra precautions to be on their toes and try to avoid situations where a criminal may try to take advantage of them. However, crime does, unfortunately, take place out in the streets and some victims are forced to react when being dealt a bad hand.

Here, we take a look at a man get robbed and react in a way that the robber surely didn’t expect.

The two are seen at what looks to be an ATM or automated ticketing machine where it looks as if the robber may be acting like he is trying to help the victim work the machine. At one point, you see the robber snatch something from the victim’s hand and takes off running. The victim chases the robber down and the two start fighting. The victim eventually gets the robber in a rear-naked choke and puts him to sleep. Another man intervenes as the victim walks back to his bags to go on his way.

It’s always best to be mindful when out in public and aware of your surroundings to avoid these types of situations.

This article first appeared on on 5/24/2017.

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