White: Wanderlai Silva Injured Back In TUF Brazil Brawl

By Evan Stoumbelis

According to UFC President Dana White Wanderlei Silva injured his back in the fight he had with Chael Sonnen on the set of a TUF Brazil episode which aired last week.

“What happened was Wanderlei got hurt in that fight. He got double legged on the concrete and he hurt his back. He hurt his hand punching Chael in the head and he got injured.

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“He couldn’t fight on time because he got hurt in the fight f—ing coaching a show. I’m done being angry now. I was angry when it happened. It’s just disgusting.”

White went on to speak about the MMA media and fans saying the fight was staged for promotional purposes.

“There’s a bunch of idiots in the media saying, ‘That thing looks contrived.’ It was far from contrived. That thing was a disgusting display of what shouldn’t happen, and if I was there it would have never happened.

“The fact that there were other people, even people holding camera in that f–king place and let that happen is just beyond belief. Then the kid who runs in and sucker-punched Chael from behind, it’s just as bad as it can get.”

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Due to Wanderlei’s injuries the bout was postponed to UFC 175 on July 5th, the UFC’s annual 4th of July weekend card.

In case you missed the scuffle you can watch the full scuffle here.

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