Intimidation by Verbalization – Trash Talking : UFC , BOXING , MMA – COMBAT SPORTS –

By bjpenndotcom - January 20, 2016

Attempting to intimidate someone verbally in any scenario is one thing, to do it in the largest stage with all eyes on you before you step inside a cage to fight someone is a completely different level.

An example would be the World Tour for UFC 189 McGregor vs Aldo.    Notorious  went on a wild, crazed tirade over Jose Aldo during the tour and stirred up so much buzz that when  the fight actually happened, it really didn’t need nearly as much promotional dollars spent for UFC 194 to have the end result that it produced.

Those taunts echoed in the minds of the people and more so the fighters.  In every fight there is a “sale” that will be bought and sold.   The question is will you ‘buy into’ the mental warfare?  Or will you ‘counter’  with your own offer?

Enjoy the video.


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