Dana White Talks Diaz Brothers: This Will Be A Sad Story When We Look Back

By Evan Stoumbelis

Last night, UFC President Dana White touched on (during his post-fight media scrum) the interesting situation he finds himself in with two of MMA’s most popular fighters, the Diaz Brothers. After Gilbert Melendez renegotiated his UFC contract, fellow teammate Nate Diaz unsuccessfully tried to do the same thing. Shortly after that Nick demanded $500,000 minimum to fight.

Dana White isn’t having any of that.

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“This is one of those situations that is going to be a sad story in a few years when you look back on it. You’re going to say they were two talented kids that had fans and had interest in fighting and they sat out.

“What people don’t realize when you’re in the moment and your time is now, guys don’t realize until it’s over. You will never make that kind of money again for the rest of your life. You should fight as much as you can possibly fight, get as popular as you can ever get and make as much money as you possibly can.”

After turning down a fight with Hector Lombard, Dana is unsure of Nick’s future plans with the organization, and when asked why not just express his thoughts directly to Nick White replied:

“Of course I would, but you can’t talk to these guys. You can’t pick up the phone and call these guys. I talked to Nick, I offered him the Lombard fight, he said he was interested in it, then gone – he disappears. You can’t contact him again. You can’t get a hold of him.”

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White finished off the interview with some stern advice for the brothers.

“Life goes on without anybody. Presidents of countries leave, die, move on, whatever. The world moves on without you, man. This is your time to make money. This is your time to do all these things. If you just let it pass you by, that’s your decision. You’re grown men. I heard all the things: ‘We don’t know how to pay our taxes, we don’t know how to buy houses, we don’t know how to …’ Well, you’re grown men. You better figure it out quick because the bus is going to pass you by.”

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