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‘Weidman beat a one-legged spider, a fireless dragon and an old lion with no balls’


UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold will fight the champ, Chris Weidman, at UFC 194. Ahead of that scrap the two have had their fair share of verbal exchanges.

One takes a shot at the other, than the other takes a shot back. This has already been going on for a while and most likely will go on until they step into the octagon.

In the most recent war of words, Rockhold called out Weidman for his past competition, saying that his wins over Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort were not as great as they seemed.

Here’s what he told The MMA Hour:

“I don’t see where he sees weakness in my game and what I have brought to the table. I’ve been in some tough battles through my career and he has seen a lot of those in the past, back in my Strikeforce days and I think I’ve proven myself even more-so now. People have seen the war, in UFC and Strikeforce, and they now what I am capable of. I can dig deep and I just don’t know where he thinks he is going to break me. I think he is underestimating every part of my game. He is going to be surprised when he tries to wrestle and I’m shutting him down everywhere. This will ultimately end up on the feet. I don’t see what he brings to the table. He’s fought a bunch of guys that were scared of him. He fought a one-legged spider, a fireless dragon and an old lion with his balls cut off. I mean, this time he’s facing a different animal and I’m going to bring it to him on all levels and shut him down.”

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