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UFC on FOX 9 Results: Green Displays Great Potential in Decision Victory over Healy

Bobby Green’s performance was almost Anderson Silva-esque. He kept his hands by his side the whole fight and invited Pat Healy to punch him in the face, all while displaying amazing head movement.

The bout opened up with a frustrated Pat Healy not being able to find his distance. Bobby Green, on the other hand, popped Healy with jabs at will and cracked him with quite a few hooks. Healy ate an unhealthy amount of shots after his takedown was defended; Green’s fist connected with Healy’s head four times straight. Healy was able to get Green’s back with a minute left, but Green escaped right away. Even though the number of strikes landed were close, Green had the clear advantage by ducking and dodging Healy’s strikes the entire round. The horn sounded as Green was putting together impressive two-punch combinations.

Green opened up the second round with a frustrating amount of confidence. His hands were by his side as he literally invited Healy to punch him in the skull. Green dodged all the strikes and quickly countered with one-two combinations that rocked Healy’s head back. Bobby Green was very relaxed and he displayed amazing head movement. Pat Healy saw his first offensive position of the fight halfway through the round when he took Green down and took his back. While attempting to get hooks in, Green postured up and Healy simply fell off his prey. Healy landed three impressive punches, but Green was not effected and invited Healy to land more. Healy sensed Green was beginning to slow down and started to grind him against the cage where he found some success with short punches and knees to the body.

Bobby Green was able to secure a takedown as the horn sounded at the end of the second round.

Moving into the third round, Pat Healy should have been fighting like they were down by two.

Bobby Green’s mouth was open wide at the start of the third and Healy jumped right on him, looking for takedown attempts. Green wobbled Healy at one point with a right hook, but did not jump in for the kill. Healy is finding more success in striking due to fatigue setting in for Green. Healy would go on to absorb shot after shot while continuing to press forward. They found themselves in the same exact position as they did in round two where Green was able to easily slip Healy off of his back due to the lack of hooks locked in.

The last minute of action saw Green grind Healy out on the fence, eventually taking him down for a third time. Healy turned the tables and was on top of Green with ten seconds left but it was too little, too late. Healy ended with a flurry of punches but it wasn’t enough to steal the round.

Bobby Green defeated Pat Healy by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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