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UFC Exec: ‘We did the best we could in Cung Le Situation’

UFC Franklin v Le Weigh In

Still reeling from the blowback of suspending Cung Le for a year, and then un-suspending him, the UFC has been put on the defensive when it comes to defending themselves.

UFC senior executive vice president and chief operating officer Lawrence Epstein stated in an interview with the LA Times that he wasn’t happy with the situation as a whole.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat this: We’re not happy with how this particular situation played out. Once we had information, we rescinded it. That’s appropriate under the circumstances. We said it all by rescinding the suspension. I feel like what we did is an adequate remedy.”

“[The experts] all concluded that though the tests did show elevated levels of HGH, the test that was administered was not conclusive [to say] that those were not the result of exogenous HGH,”

Many Le supporters have argued that the UFC shouldn’t have suspended Le in the first place if they knew that the results weren’t conclusive.

“We were in China, using a lab where they analyze the blood locally, so we went to the only facility that was in the area that could do this. We told them what we wanted them to test for. They conducted the test. The test was done properly, but not done to conclusively prove the elevated levels were exogenous.

“There was nothing wrong with the test. It just wasn’t the right test.”

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