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Lauzon: ‘Injuries Suck’

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Joe Lauzon, was recently forced out of his UFC 180 bout against Diego Sanchez, leaving many fans disappointed for missing out on what had the makings of a ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate.

Lauzon explained his reason for backing out from the fight on a blog post for his own website, JoeLauzon.com.

I have been training for close to 15 years… and I have dealt with a LOT of injuries. I think as your knowledge of the sport grows as a coach and competitor, so does your knowledge grow of dealing with and training around injuries. At this point in my life, its not IS something going to hurt today but WHAT is going to hurt the most and how am I going to train around it.

Its important to understand the difference between being injured and being hurt. Every fighter on the UFC roster, is constantly HURT. Hurt is what we call those nagging injuries that just never seem to heal and constantly flare up and inevitably get worse as soon as camp starts. Sore knees, ankles, hands, neck, back, etc. What would stop most people in their tracks, we push through because we always have fights coming up to get ready for.

You can read Lauzon’s full blog entry HERE.

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