Rousey: ‘If Anyone Calls Me Fat Again, I’m Going To Kill Them’

By BJPENN.COM News - October 10, 2015

Listen guys, whatever you do don’t call UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey fat. First off, because she’s not. Secondly, if you do, she will kill you.

Ronda Rousey serious

The undefeated champ recently said in an interview that someone, associated with one of her commercial shoots, make a rude remark about her weight. So what did Rousey do? She came in to film the commercial even heavier.

Here’s what she told the New York Times:

“Because somebody said something really rude to me, I came into the shoot purposely way heavier. And the campaign ended up being amazing, even though I was heavier just to make a point.”

“I swear to God. If anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I’m going to kill them.”

She also added:

“We seem to be in this conflicting era for women, where women are doing so amazingly and taking over the athletic world, but we’re also in a time where… How can I really put it? That women without any skills that freeload are being glorified. That’s something I was raised not to be. That you’re supposed to contribute to the world, not consume from it”

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