Pay The Man! Brazilian Soccer Team Owes Anderson Silva $30K

By BJPENN.COM News - October 10, 2015

One of the biggest soccer teams in Brazil owe former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva a big fat check for $30,000.

Anderson Silva

The Corinthians, a soccer team in Brazil, owe “9ine”, which is the company that owns Anderson Silva’s image rights, money that they have just decided not to pay them, according to Combate.

Here’s the breakdown:

9ine had a plan to make Silva a big star and celebrity in Brazil, so they had a deal with the team where Silva would wear their jersey on several occasions, one of those being inside the octagon. The issue is that four of the 12 appearances that Silva did were not paid for, thus, 9ine is not very happy.

From 9ine:

“There were many friendly attempts to ask them to pay, but all of them failed. It has been over a year since Corinthians stopped paying us.”

The team now has three days to pay the money of the issue will be take to court.