GSP Refutes Dana White – ‘Not Interested In Coming Back If Things Don’t Change’

Dana GSP

Earlier today, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, cleared the air on a variety of topics and rumors circulating around himself and in regards to his relationship with the UFC.

Most interesting are his comments on Performance Enhancing Drugs, which we covered earlier today.

On that same topic, in his interview with Ariel Helwani, the former champ, refuted UFC President Dana White’s claim that he never told the UFC hhe had an issue with their PED testing policies and that personal reasons were the cause for his relinquishment of the belt.

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Georges said that’s just not accurate:

“I said it even before when I met with them. This, I swear. I met them after my fight with Johny Hendricks when I went in the back. I said that to them. I said it to them, I swear on myself and my family.

“So when they say I never said it, that I said it publicly before I said it to them, I said it to them first.”

“I have personal issues. And also the drug testing has something to do with it. This is the truth. I said it first. And I cannot use the kind of language I would like to use, in the way that I told them, because I did not use the right language, very nice language when I said that to them. I made references to very bad things and I cannot tell you the way that I said it because I never want to accuse one individual.

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“They were not surprised. I don’t believed they were surprised. I told them and they were like, ‘oh, you think so?’ I was like, yeah, I know for a fact.

“Me, personally, I’m not interested in coming back if there’s nothing done in that regard.”

“I’m not at peace to fight like this. The only thing I regret now is, this thing, I should have done it better. I should have done it before. I should have done it before this, because this has been bothering me for a long time, and I never said anything. But I should have done this long before. Because I had money. I could have paid for the VADA tests earlier. I should have done that before.”

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